Girls who want to enjoy an experience filled with fun, pampering and iconic photos should look no further! In fact we guarantee one of the best experiences of your life! If you don’t like your photos, we’ll give you your money back! Don’t believe us?! Well read on……

Based in mid-town Miami, Miami Glamour Photography is centrally located and therefore only a few minutes away from downtown, the beaches, airports and Broward County.

As you can see we have a very innovative approach to photography. Miami Glamour Photography understands every one of our clients has different tastes and requirements. We like to listen to your thoughts and combine our vision to create a totally original set of photography work for you to enjoy! We are not an old fashioned studio just churning out the same old boring photos!

Photography is an art form. It's not just a question of point and shoot. Yes, a lot of factors have to be weighed in such as positioning and lighting, but our ability to make you relax and SHINE during your shoot is what makes us stand apart from everyone else. We will bring your images to life with amazing lighting effects, computer re-touching and a variety of backgrounds in our AMAZING studio, but we will also build up your confidence with great posing instruction and body language coaching.

At Miami Glamour Photography our sets are styled and redesigned continuously, blending different textures, inspirations and styles. We’ll quickly get a feel for your own personality and style and make sure we exceed your expectations. The private studio space is designed to make you feel completely at ease and able to give your best.

Furthermore, our skilled digital retouches are known for their experience in image enhancement. A little bit of “nip and tuck”, or a digital make up touch-up doesn’t hurt any photo! Miami Glamour Photography can even help you to rejuvenate your appearance without going under the knife or the needle. We use expert techniques to remove the wrinkles on your skin, enhance your skin texture and give you a face and body-lift where it might be needed. But you know what….. we don’t take it too seriously either! Just like a push-up bra we can be a subtle little helping hand. We’re not here to lecture, we’re here to have some fun and produce something personal and beautiful.

Our Personal Photo Shoots provide stunning images for Gifts and for both new and established models. We’ll give you as much or as little guidance as you feel you need.

We say: Invest in yourself, have a go risk-free, get the kind of images you have always wanted but never thought you would get, and take advantage of this moment in time. Our photography style is bold, original, and above all FUN! Whether you want to create an intimate photo album, a sexy calendar for your partner, or photographs that will entice others and show them how comfortable you feel in your own skin, Miami Glamour Photography won’t let you down!